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Introducing the Beyond Rewards programme

We're making travel even more rewarding for our members. Welcome to the Equinox Beyond Rewards programme.

Beyond Rewards programme credits

As a member, we'll award Equinox Travel Credits every time you book private travel with Equinox Charter.

Members receive generous credits which can be redeemed against any travel booked through Equinox Travel including scheduled flights, hotels, villa rental, ground transportation and more.  

Uniquely in the charter sector, you can choose to redeem your credits for all sorts of travel - not limited to certain brands - or use them against future charter bookings.

It's a straightforward way to save on private and commercial travel, accommodation, and more and our expert team will be standing by to advise and assist.

"Beyond goes further than other frequent flyer programmes. We’ve created a uniquely generous and rewarding scheme for our esteemed clients, allowing them to get even more from travelling with us."

Elliot Bottomley, Equinox Charter MD. 
Beyond Rewards Members Card

Flexible points with Beyond rewards

The programme is free to join. Credits are rewarded incrementally, depending on charter spend.

Unlike other programmes, Beyond members earn credits from their very first charter booking. And credits accrued can be used as part or full payment for a variety of travel experiences from the start of membership. 

In addition, there are no limitations on redeeming credits. Credits can be used with hundreds of different travel brands when booking through Equinox Travel, not just a select few.

Our sister company Equinox Travel is affiliated with the Global Travel Collection, one of the largest buyers of travel in the world. Because of this, we can offer extremely competitive rates and deals, including flight and hotel packages with partners globally.

"With Beyond, we're bringing our Travel and Charter companies together to combine our appeal to clients and create a truly outstanding return for those booking through Equinox."

Trevor Johnson, COO, Equinox Travel

Offsetting matching for Beyond Rewards members

Another benefit of Beyond membership is carbon and emission offsetting matching. That means when members choose to offset on any charter flown under the programme, Equinox will match that offsetting.

It's part of our Enhanced Sustainability Initiative (EESI) where we offer clients a suite of carefully researched sustainability options that include offsetting opportunities through 4AIR. So, when Beyond members choose to offset their charters' carbon and emissions, we're proud to be able to match it.

Key benefits of the Beyond Rewards programme

  • 500 Beyond credits = £500
  • Credits can be redeemed on any travel through Equinox Travel & Charter
  • No minimum credit balance required to spend credits
  • Any carbon & emissions offsetting by clients when redeeming credits will be matched
  • Assured ARGUS quality of service 
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