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Accessibility at Equinox Charter

Our Commitment
At Equinox Charter, we are committed to providing a digital experience that is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. We believe in inclusivity and strive to ensure that everyone can access and interact with our website content.


Standards and Compliance
Equinox Charter adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA. These guidelines are established to make web content more accessible for people with various disabilities, including visual, auditory, cognitive, and motor impairments.


Features We’ve Implemented
We have implemented the following features to enhance accessibility on our website:


Alternative Text: Descriptive text is provided for all images.
Keyboard Navigation: Our website is navigable using only a keyboard.
Focus Indicators: Clear focus indicators are present for interactive elements.
Color Contrast: Text and background colors have been chosen to ensure sufficient contrast.


Reporting Accessibility Issues
We value your feedback. If you encounter any accessibility issues on our website or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at info@equinoxcharter.com. We are committed to addressing and resolving any issues promptly.


Accessibility Statement
Equinox Charter is actively working to improve the accessibility of our website to meet or exceed applicable standards. We acknowledge that there may be areas of our website that still need improvement, and we are committed to making those changes.


Testing and Validation
Our website undergoes regular accessibility testing using a combination of automated tools and manual testing. We also engage individuals with disabilities to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of our digital assets.


Alternative Formats
If you require content in alternative formats, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.


Updates and Improvements
Equinox Charter is dedicated to ongoing improvements in accessibility. We regularly review our practices and update our website to ensure a seamless and inclusive experience for all users.


Your input is valuable to us. If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding the accessibility of our website, please let us know. Your feedback will contribute to our continuous efforts to enhance accessibility.


Thank you for choosing Equinox Charter.