Equinox Charter
Equinox Charter

Trusted production charter provider for the entertainment industry, transporting cast, crew and cargo for film and TV productions worldwide.


Charters in this sector can sometimes be challenging: time constraints, large numbers of passengers, artists and entourage, and the need to move tonnes of specialist equipment between sometimes unique locations.

We understand you need a charter partner who can deliver. Our global charter expertise and experience means we’ll do
just that.

Equinox’s creative, solutions-focused team can design and deliver even the most complex travel itinerary – we’re always at the end of the phone.

Our clients have 24 hour access to a dedicated and specialist charter operations team, committed to taking care of every last detail of our charters, wherever the destination.

Uniquely in this sector, Equinox offers the full spectrum of travel services to the production industry.

Together with our sister company, Equinox Travel our complete travel services include commercial airline flights, cargo, ground transport and hotel bookings. Equinox Travel is part of the Global Travel Collection, which means better buying power and unbeatable rates on commercial airline tickets and hotels.

Finding creative travel solutions is what drives our innovative team. Using our combined Charter and Travel services, we’ll fix where fixers can’t. Last minute travel or accommodation requirements won’t phase us either.

We’ll work tirelessly to combine charter and scheduled flights alongside other modes of transportation to get your production team where they need to be.

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Members of The Production Guild

We’re proud members of The Production Guild of Great Britain.

Based at Pinewood Studios, it’s the UK’s leading organisation for film and television production professionals.

We work with major film and TV studios and, as your expert travel partners, we’ll keep requirements for cost, convenience and comfort centre stage, customising the most suitable travel arrangements for talent, crew and equipment around ever-changing schedules.


We’re the only entertainment-focused charter organisation to hold ARGUS Certification.

ARGUS Certification is a prerequisite for suppliers to many of the major film studios. As such we’re accredited to deliver and understand the needs of studios and artist management houses.


We’re well versed in trip and crew checks, Wyvern reporting and the minima required for aircraft and crew. When commercial airliners are required, we’ll include a detailed safety analysis report alongside your quotations to provide you and your passengers the assurance they need.



7 weeks, a blue ice runway and hazardous weather. We relish a challenge. When a major film studio asked us to source an aircraft to land in Antarctica at short notice, we got to work.

Chartering an aircraft to land on the Union Glacier on a tight deadline was a highly challenging, yet rewarding enquiry.

Alongside extensive safety assessments and risk mitigation planning, sourcing the right aircraft and operator combination from our trusted partners was the crucial first step.

Intensive research and efficient conversations led us to the fantastic team who eventually operated the flight. Risk mitigation, and deep operator and crew safety checks ensured we had the right team behind us.

The location gave us several challenges, including a tight weather window, but we planned and replanned as conditions changed, and delivered the charter successfully.

During this charter we were able to deliver two aspects of the Equinox Enhanced Sustainability (EESI) program, offering carbon and emission offsets and a Clean Mission Report. These reports are an industry-first, providing our clients with mission-specific, trip-by-trip sustainability reports.

EESI reports assess several factors including ground operations, route planning and contrail avoidance while the Clean Mission report assists with accountability for our clients, especially for sensitive charters and the publicly accountable passengers we often serve.

Whatever the complexity of your charter requirements, do get in touch. We’ll listen, adapt, plan, and deliver – even on the tightest timescales.