Equinox Charter
Equinox Charter

We’re proud members of several aviation associations, each focused on safety and operational excellence.


At Equinox, our services are underpinned by robust safety procedures, risk assessments and due diligence processes, so you and your passengers can have complete assurance when you work with us.

We partner closely with our aircraft operators and wider service providers, monitoring safety through adherence of regulatory standards and detailed accident history checks.

We maintain quality of service through a continually evolving operator and aircraft selection process which has enabled us to establish an ‘Equinox Approved’ supplier list for our extensive range of charter services.

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The Air Charter Association

The ACA leads industry self-regulation, and members are accredited as experienced and trustworthy professionals.

As ACA members, our clients recognise the value and security of booking and managing aircraft charters with us. We uphold the Air Charter Code of Practice including the agreement of compliance, skills, disclosure, transparency and lawfulness.

The Air Charter Association endorsed accreditation, ARGUS, raises the bar when it comes to the standard of safety and service provided to charter users. It ensures we follow the correct procedures in risk mitigation and due diligence for operators, crew, and any charter mission.

To us, this accreditation goes beyond just a mark, it’s proof the way we conduct business on behalf of our clients is of the highest standards.


When a client comes to us for an aircraft, they want to feel safe in the knowledge we are providing safe, reputable, and reliable options.


ARGUS has a rating system for operators: Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum, which demonstrates their adherence to internationally recognised standards.

We use these ratings, alongside Wyvern and the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, to ensure safety standards are met and operators can be recommended comparatively. Wyvern is a global leader in aviation safety auditing, providing one of the most rigorous onsite safety audit packages in the world, reflecting a commitment to the highest level of safety protocols.

The Wyvern Wingman audit is undertaken by experts who analyse and approve an operator’s safety culture, safety management system, critical programmes and operational processes.

The IS-BAO was established by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and its member associations, as a recommended code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve high levels of safety and professionalism. Over 1000 thousand operators globally have reached Stage 1, 2, and 3 IS-BAO registration since 2002 and these numbers continue to grow.

For us as a charter broker, we are proactive in listing IS-BAO registered operators, allowing us to use the standard in further reassurance for our clients when the need arises.

The Wyvern Wingman audit is undertaken by experts who analyse and approve an operator’s safety culture

With these accreditations and associations in place, you can depend on the operator partners we select as consistently providing us with an exceptionally safe and reliable service.