Equinox Charter
Equinox Charter

Experienced charter provider for the music and entertainment industry, transporting artists, bands, crew and cargo for single sectors and global multi-leg itineraries.


Driven by trust, transparency, and strong communication, we’ll provide a personal, consultative service and proactive, 24/7 support.

We understand the particular complexities of touring. For the past 25 years our team has taken care of travel for high-profile bands, solo artists and their production teams.

Our background in logistics, planning, negotiation, managing touring complexities and solution provision is the reason we’re trusted travel partners in the industry.

When the need arises for troubleshooting, our experience counts. We’ll always provide prompt, honest, outside the box solutions.

We’re proud to offer a service of integrity, offering complete tour travel options, supported by years of sector expertise.

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Music, entertainment and tour logistics

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We can help with single sectors, multi-leg routings, full band and crew movements, as well as longer, more complex intercontinental touring projects.

We offer the full spectrum of travel services, too.

Together with Equinox Travel, our services also include scheduled airline flights, cargo, rail, ground transport and accommodation bookings.

We can also arrange close protection and security solutions, aircraft tour branding and marketing synergy, and an innovative range of sustainability options and ESG assessment and reporting.

Our style is to provide a consultative service, offering proactive advice and transparency, without obligation. We provide rapid, indicative pricing to support clients in confirming shows and routings. Whatever your touring requirements, please get in touch.



Touring has too many moving parts to be easy. But preparing for challenges is where the Equinox team excels, and these two multi-sector expeditions were no different.

Live tours are complex, demanding layers of planning and problem-solving.

The first tour of this year combined two sets of journeys: quick trips home after shows for the artist on a Citation M2, alongside transporting the artist and band between shows within the UK and across Europe on a Challenger 604.

Sourcing a competitive G-registered aircraft in a post-Brexit Britain was our first focus, followed by working around late night curfews at airports in and around London.

We made contact with nearby regional airports to create plans A, B and C, and ensured our operator made late night slot applications accordingly. During the tour we only needed to divert from plan A twice, but our contingencies were always on standby.

We also experienced an AOG, but quickly sourced and booked a sub-charter that went without hitch. Our skilled Charter Operations Team has trusted partners for sub-charters to keep things moving in any eventuality.

In contrast, a different tour this year – a full production team and band tour around Europe using a B737 VIP configured airliner – had different complexities.

Airliners and large passenger numbers require their own due diligence procedures and handling. 11 of the 15 stops around Europe required main terminal, rather than FBO, handling, which meant coordinating check-in and security with the clients and each airport to ensure swift processing, boarding and departure.


Our Charter Ops team involvement goes well beyond standard levels of service.

From arranging Special Assistance, arranging meeting and departure procedures, refining catering, providing ‘flight rider’ assistance and being the vital link between all parties, we take great pride in our service and we like to think it shows.


The only entertainment-focused charter organisation to hold ARGUS Certification

As the only entertainment-focused charter organisation to hold ARGUS Certification, we’re accredited to deliver charters for major film studios and understand the requirements and preferences of studios and artist management houses.


We’re well versed in trip and crew checks, Wyvern reporting and the minima required for aircraft and crew. When commercial airliners are required, we’ll include a detailed safety analysis report alongside your quotations in order to offer the highest safety considerations.